_________ Grata Aura ________ ____& Altri gialli medievali____

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Fra il XII e il XIV secolo, la corruzione per il potere commerciale ed economico imperversava fra le ricche città italiane. In questo periodo di grande splendore, si muovono i protagonisti di brevi e avvincenti racconti. Il primo ha come attori i due famosi amanti di Gradara, la cui storia, rivisitata ad arte dalla scrittrice, non immaginereste mai! Il secondo, ancora più intrigante (“la vendetta va servita fredda”), parla della bella e giovane Angelica e del famoso esploratore veneziano, Marco Polo. La loro storia? … è unica! Il terzo racconto vede un protagonista d’eccellenza. Tommaso d’Aquino, che forse non fu avvelenato da Carlo I d’Angiò… La ragione? Sapeva la verità sull’origine della specie umana. E ancora tanti intrighi tra le pagine delle altre storie.


__ My first book in English __

“DNA Code & Other mysterious tales from the Middle Ages”


Between the 12th and 14th centuries, just as today, corruption for political and commercial power raged in the fledgling cities of Italy. In this period of splendor, the protagonists of four short tales are involved in a myriad of intrigues. The first story’s title is the original Latin name of the medieval town where the events take place, Grata Aura. A young woman secretly catches sight of a handsome young man who has come to her father to negotiate a marriage pact. It is love at first sight. However, she soon discovers he is not there on his own behalf, but that of his brother, an old man well known to be ugly and vicious. Meanwhile, two homicides disrupt the castle and the lives of the two young lovers. The famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, first told their story, albeit in a very different way. The second tale, even more intriguing, “Revenge gets served up cold” features the beautiful Angelica and the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo. Their story… is unique! The protagonist of the third story is Thomas Aquinas, perhaps poisoned by order of Charles I of Anjou. The reason? He knew the truth about the origin of human beings. The story, which begins at the dawn of civilization, alternates between the year 2005 and the year 1270 and involves the journey through time of manuscripts that speak of a mysterious code of life. Slavery is the theme of the final story. Lucilla Capeleti, born to parents who had given up hope of having children, is kidnapped and made a slave. Her teenage life ends and a new terrible one begins. Hidden in a cart and transported first to a miserable castle cell and then to Rome where her blackest hell begins. Finally, after months of suffering and humiliation, she regains her freedom, but with it, the terrible discovery of the truth behind her kidnapping.

The original Italian title of “DNA Code & Other mysterious tales from the Middle Ages” is “Medioevo in Giallo.” In Italian Giallo means two things: the yellow color and thriller. Between the two World Wars, a big Italian publishing company started to sell thrillers on books having a yellow color as the background cover. Since then, Italians use the word Giallo as in English people use the Thriller.